Lincolnshire, Chicago 2008 …and looking back

My intellectual arrogance shares a very fine boundary line with most people who are prone to use relative terms. Until recently, for example, certain low-life, self-styled placement consultants would send spams to me stating ” Sir, we have a very good opportunity for you”, without even knowing what my present role was nor knowing what is “good” or “very good” to me. But, dumb people are not unique – instead they are just ubiquitous.

On a July 2004 evening, Sunil, Sujatha’s ex-colleague, called her, while we were engrossed in our family time in our Hyderabad home, and asked her of her interest in moving to Gurgaon with a job in “Quality Control”.

Knowing well, that most recruiters and managers especially those in the new world of outsourcing IT and ITeS companies lacked basic awareness between “management”, “assurance” and “control”, Sujatha asked Sunil to call back later after getting some fundamental inputs about the role and the company.

Hyderabad certainly was not a destination of choice and indeed moving from Gurgaon to Hyderabad was perforce – the bane of working with Indian companies in the “IT” space which were constantly reinventing themselves, albeit mostly through cutting corners, as is wont of many Indian companies. Also, considering that my daughter was completely frustrated with the local Delhi Public School, that stopped children from playing with poster colors and crayons – considering the primitive mindsets of some teachers, we already were thinking of getting back to North.



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